Top Famous Shopping Destinations From Around The World You Should Visit

If you just travel not only for a new experience but also for good stuff, then you must like shopping. There are a lot of shopping destinations that you will find. However, there is still the famous shopping destinations from around the world as follow.

Famous shopping destinations from around the world

1. Paris, France

This city is not only well-known for its romantic view but also its shopping destinations. Plus, You can find lots of shopping centers here and famous brands from all over the world. Paris as the city of light has the extravagant department stores lighting up Boulevard Haussmann.

In the boulevard, you can shop for anything that you like. You have to prepare lots of cash or your credit card. Here, you can get a bag, shoes, clothes and many others. Moreover, this place is where all of your travel money goes.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Another shopping destination that you should visit is Instanbul, Turkey. Instanbul is quite different from Paris. The price of every good here is not as expensive as in Paris. You won’t find many well-known brands in the world.

The bustling bazaar is the best place for shopping if you are in Istanbul. You can find many unique-stuffs that you won’t get in other countries at affordable prices. This won’t take all of your travel budgets.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo must be on your list if you choose Japan as your destination for traveling. It’s because this city is the icon of Japan itself. Moreover, if you like anime and the fans of Japanese fashion, then you should come here.

In Tokyo, you will find a lot of stuff which is good for your fashion. Moreover, if you are obsessed with Harajuku then you will find kitschy statement pieces and fantastical clothing here. It’s no wonder why Tokyo becomes one of the famous shopping destinations from around the world.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Are you going to travel to Southeast Asia? If it yes, then Kuala Lumpur should be on your next list. This is the capital city of Malaysia and the city where you will find many tourists. However, if you want to shop here, please come around July and August.

You will find a big sale boasting 70% discounts which are pretty good for your pocket. It’s because Malaysia holds a Mega Sale Carnival around July and August. Furthermore, shopping here at this time won’t let you down.

London, England

Most people want to visit this city because of its history and its department stores. London has a lot of things to explore. You will not only find some historical places here but also some famous stores along the road. Therefore, you must bring a lot of money if you want to shop here.

If you are the fans of Hermes, Channel, UNIQLO, then London street will spoil your eyes. You can go shopping along Oxford Street and take a ride to Boxpark for more shopping.

The top five famous shopping destinations from around the world won’t let you down. Furthermore, you can get something that you won’t be available in other countries.