Online Shopping VS Traditional Shopping

Pros and Cons on Online Shopping VS Traditional Shopping

Thanks to technology, people now can shop without going to the shop. People could shop online using media social and other online shopping platforms. While some people still stuck in the traditional way of shopping, some people prefer shopping online. People have been debating on Online Shopping VS Traditional Shopping. Both ways have each advantage and disadvantages.

Whatever people choose how they shop, there must have advantages and also disadvantages. Online shopping might be easier and more practice. However, going to the offline store people would be able to try before buying. There are a lot of pros and cons to shopping in both ways. To know more about online shopping VS traditional shopping, here are some lists of the disadvantages and advantages.

1. The Promos that it offers

When people go shopping, they would choose the cheapest price for the same quality product. Online shopping would offer a bigger promo and discount rather than traditional shopping. Offline stores would usually wait for a special occasion. However, online shops would offer more promos and discounts. Overall, the online store gives cheaper prices than an offline store. Moreover, some online stores and platforms offer a free delivery service for the customer.

2. The Safety Issues

Another online shopping VS traditional shopping issue is about its safety. Not a little people have been cheated by some online shops. Not only the products does not been delivered to the customer, but also online shops send fake products. For safety issues, offline stores are safer than online stores. However, some online platforms now give an original guarantee.

3. The Timing of Shopping

Both shopping has pros and cons for the timing of shopping. While traditional shopping would take time for the parking, queue line and paying. Online shopping would also take time for the delivery service. Moreover, if during the delivery meet some error; it would take even more time. Overall, both shopping ways need the same long time to get the product they buy.

4. The Quality of Product

The next online shopping VS traditional shopping that people debate is about the quality of the product. Even though on online stores, the description explains the details of the products, it might be not enough. Customers might do not understand fully the explanation. Meanwhile, when shopping in an offline store, people could see, touch, and even try out the product.

5. The Comparison of the Product

When going on shopping and choosing a product, people would like to compare it. Whether on one product with other products or in one store with the other stores. In one online store, people would easily compare each product and store. While on offline stores, people could ask the employee of the store to help. However, for comparison with other stores, people need to do it on their own.

There might always have pros and cons of online shopping VS traditional shopping. However, both ways offer the same benefits of shopping and getting new products. Overall, it all depends on how wise the customer uses the service on both alternatives.