How to Meticulous Shopping During Quarantine-Safe Way To Avoid Virus Infection

In the middle of the quarantine, go to shopping is a frightening yet important thing to do. That’s why you should be extra cautious when going out of the house to shopping. And with the methods on how to meticulous shopping during quarantine,  your safety will get better.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a quarantine is enforced as a way to prevent the virus from spreading. Because of this, many activities are suspended and people have a hard time going out of the house, except for shopping groceries.

Nevertheless, it’s still quite scary as you don’t know who or where the virus is. So, you need to be really careful when going out to buy groceries. However, there are various safe ways of shopping. Here we are,

1. Have Someone Deliver it To You

The first way on how to meticulous shopping during quarantine is to have someone buy your things and deliver them for you. It’s the safest way to prevent the coronavirus infection as you don’t need to meet and contact with many people.

Although its safety is guaranteed, you need to be careful when your things arrive. Do a minimum contact with the courier or cease contact with the courier at all. Ask him or her to put down the things first, then you will come later to pick them up.

2. Wipe Using Disinfectant Before Touching Anything

When shopping you will touch many things such as a cart handle, a door shop, freezer, and many more. Those things can act as the medium for the virus to spread, that’s why you should wipe them using a disinfectant before touching them. 

But, if you don’t have one with you, just use some hand sanitizer or at least the tissue. So, you don’t have to touch it directly. And don’t forget to not touch your face before washing it at home

3. Pay With Cashless

Money without a doubt is dirty and has many bacteria and viruses on it. So, to reduce the risk, don’t use cash money when you pay your groceries. Instead of cash money, you can pay with the credit card or use an e-money. 

However, if you really have to pay with your cash, wash your hands afterward. That way you can avoid the virus transmission. 

4.  Use Plastic Instead Reusable Bags

In normal circumstances, use reusable bags when shopping is highly recommended. But, now isn’t the time to use it except you always clean it after shopping. That because reusable bags can be a medium to transmit the coronavirus.

So, as safety measures, there is a lot of shops that prohibited the use of reusable bags. As an alternative, you can use plastic or paper. After that, you can just throw it to the trash bin.

5. Avoid Public Transportation

A place where people tend to gather must be avoided during the quarantine. That’s why, when you’re going shopping it’s better to use your own car or bicycle instead of public transportation. Still, if you have to use public transportation, wear a mask to reduce the infection risk or distance yourself from other people.

The coronavirus pandemic makes us hard to do activities including shopping. But, with the method on how to meticulous shopping during the quarantine, at least you can safely shopping.