Great Ideas On What To Buy For 8 Years Old Birthday Gift

Giving a birthday gift for a kid might be tricky sometimes. Especially for those who are planning to give a birthday gift for an eight-year-old kid. This age is the phase where a child needs to develop their physical skills. Also, they are starting to know about social identities and they could even choose what they want. Deciding on what to buy for 8 years old birthday gift must be both, fun and educative.

What To Buy For 8 Years Old Birthday Gift

At the age of eight, children are also starting to solve harder problems. They also could spend some activities with some friends. When planning on what to buy for 8 years old birthday gift, make sure it would help their growing development. It must be fun, challenging and educative enough for them to study. Here are some great gifts ideas that are suitable for kids these ages.

1. A Building Lego Kit

A great gift idea for both girls and boys is a building Lego kit. It has many kinds of themes and characters that kids would love. Lego also has an age reference on each box so that parents could suitable one for their child. Some series provides kids to use their reading and accuracy skills to follow and build according to the instruction. While others have none instruction and kids could explore their creativity.

2. A Fujifilm Instax Mini

A unique thing on what to buy for 8 years old birthday gift is a Fujifilm Instax Mini. Rather than giving a handphone to a child, it is better to give them this Polaroid camera. It has many versions of cartoons and characters that kids adore. Children could also explore their photography skills or just make some memorable photos to keep in their diary.

3. Active Sports Equipment

Every kid must have their favorite sport. Giving them one of the equipment must be a lovely gift for them. It could be a new shirt, new shoes or even a new ball. Furthermore, if they have a favorite team, invite them to watch a live match game in the town. Not only it would be a great gift but also a great experience for them as well.

4. A Mix of Nonfiction and Fiction Books

A perfect option on what to buy for 8 years old birthday gift is a set of books. Combine the set with some fiction and non-fiction books. Reading books could increase their development, their creativity, and their focus. Give them some reading that is interesting enough for them to read choose books that contain some activities.

5. A cool Science or Craft Kit

Having a set of kit must be cool for kids to have. The most exciting things that kids love is science and craft kits. These are not just toys that kids could play with. But it could be some experiments for the kids to create. Moreover, both girls and boys could play this toy together.

Do not get confused about what to buy for 8 years old birthday gift. Kids would usually love any gifts that they received. Besides that, wrap the present with the best gift wrapping.