5 Top Tips For Overseas Shopping That Will Save You Money

Shopping overseas has always been an interesting thing for you to do. Especially if you find a variety of products that are not sold in your own country. However, you need to apply a few tips for overseas shopping so you can shop effectively and safely.

tips for overseas shopping

This is because shopping overseas is certainly different than when you shop in your own country. Therefore, you better know a few tips when you shop overseas to avoid you from various problems. Here are the tips for overseas shopping you should know:

1. Don’t Use a Debit Card

Using a debit card will indeed make your shopping transactions easy and practical. But this is not recommended for you to do when shopping overseas. Transactions that you make using a debit card are very risky for the security of your bank account.

Various crimes are very likely to occur, for example, skimming. Besides, the value of currency conversions also might make you lose.

2. Use Credit Cards Wisely

Using a credit card to transact is indeed more profitable. This is because you can take advantage of various promo and rewards facilities. So, the items you buy using a credit card can be cheaper.

Also, transactions using a credit card will be much easier and more practical. However, you must use credit cards wisely when shopping overseas. You still have to make a list of items to buy, so you know when you stop shopping.

3. Find Out the Normal Price of the Items You Will Buy

It is always important to find out the normal prices for the various items you want to buy. You can also find out where the markets are selling the items at the best prices.

Then, you can save more money while shopping. By knowing the normal price, you can bid at the appropriate price. You will not feel cheated because the seller may offer a high price.

4. Save Your Shopping Bills

Don’t forget to always save your shopping bill while you are abroad. Because you will need it for the tax return process when you are at the airport. Or, even when you need to exchange the items that you buy.

Collect and always save each of your shopping bills properly in the same place. This is to make it easier for you to find it. Moreover, the shopping bills can also be proof if it turns out to be incompatible with the bills on the credit card.

5. Bring Extra Bags

For those of you who like shopping, this is one of the tips for overseas shopping that is important for you to do. If you think you will bring a lot of items that you buy, bring one medium to large extra bag to accommodate it.

You can also bring one small suitcase so that you can carry all of your stuff safely. Especially if you will buy a lot of liquid items. Bringing extra bags can also prevent you from paying for extra bags.

You can apply several tips for overseas shopping which is easy for you to do. Moreover, you also need to plan well, so that your finances are not messy because you shop a lot. So, make sure you plan your trip and shopping activities carefully from the start.