how to meticulous shopping during the quarantine

How to Meticulous Shopping During Quarantine-Safe Way To Avoid Virus Infection

In the middle of the quarantine, go to shopping is a frightening yet important thing to do. That’s why you should be extra cautious when going out of the house to shopping. And with the methods on how to meticulous shopping during quarantine,  your safety will get better.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a quarantine is enforced as a way to prevent the virus from spreading. Because of this, many activities are suspended and people have a hard time going out of the house, except for shopping groceries.

Nevertheless, it’s still quite scary as you don’t know who or where the virus is. So, you need to be really careful when going out to buy groceries. However, there are various safe ways of shopping. Here we are,

1. Have Someone Deliver it To You

The first way on how to meticulous shopping during quarantine is to have someone buy your things and deliver them for you. It’s the safest way to prevent the coronavirus infection as you don’t need to meet and contact with many people.

Although its safety is guaranteed, you need to be careful when your things arrive. Do a minimum contact with the courier or cease contact with the courier at all. Ask him or her to put down the things first, then you will come later to pick them up.

2. Wipe Using Disinfectant Before Touching Anything

When shopping you will touch many things such as a cart handle, a door shop, freezer, and many more. Those things can act as the medium for the virus to spread, that’s why you should wipe them using a disinfectant before touching them. 

But, if you don’t have one with you, just use some hand sanitizer or at least the tissue. So, you don’t have to touch it directly. And don’t forget to not touch your face before washing it at home

3. Pay With Cashless

Money without a doubt is dirty and has many bacteria and viruses on it. So, to reduce the risk, don’t use cash money when you pay your groceries. Instead of cash money, you can pay with the credit card or use an e-money. 

However, if you really have to pay with your cash, wash your hands afterward. That way you can avoid the virus transmission. 

4.  Use Plastic Instead Reusable Bags

In normal circumstances, use reusable bags when shopping is highly recommended. But, now isn’t the time to use it except you always clean it after shopping. That because reusable bags can be a medium to transmit the coronavirus.

So, as safety measures, there is a lot of shops that prohibited the use of reusable bags. As an alternative, you can use plastic or paper. After that, you can just throw it to the trash bin.

5. Avoid Public Transportation

A place where people tend to gather must be avoided during the quarantine. That’s why, when you’re going shopping it’s better to use your own car or bicycle instead of public transportation. Still, if you have to use public transportation, wear a mask to reduce the infection risk or distance yourself from other people.

The coronavirus pandemic makes us hard to do activities including shopping. But, with the method on how to meticulous shopping during the quarantine, at least you can safely shopping. 

what to buy for new puppy

5 Things On What To Buy For New Puppy

Having a pet can make someone happier. Moreover, every day you can see the cute and adorable levels of these animals. Therefore, many people choose to adopt puppies so they can take care of them from childhood. However, before adopting a puppy, you must know what to buy for new puppy.

1. Food

Before you raise a puppy, you must prepare food. Food is a primary need for every living thing so you can’t miss it. However, you must adjust the food according to the condition and age of the puppy.

If the puppy has just released milk from its mother, then wet dog food is the best choice for the transition to dry dog food. If the puppy has eaten dog food before, find out what dog food is good and buy some of it. For this reason, you should consult with a veterinarian or previous owner.

2. Cage

The cage is one of what to buy for new puppy. Of course, it is sometimes useful to keep a puppy from wandering around. Besides that, the kennel is a good way to teach puppies about toilet training. The reason is that dogs do not like pee or pup in their cage.

The kennel will also make the puppy feel safe when you leave it alone in the house. In addition, if the puppy accidentally pees or poops in the cage, it will be easier to clean than if it happened on your floor. Most importantly, choose a bed that can be washed because the puppy can sometimes pee or poop several times in the cage.

3. The place to Eat and Drink

If you have already bought food, of course, you must also prepare a place to eat and drink. That way, puppies can enjoy food and drink well. You better choose where to eat and drink with materials made of stainless steel or ceramics.

The reason is that the two ingredients are cleaner and easier to clean. Material made of plastic is easy to bring bacteria and plastic can also dissolve so that it is not good. If you don’t have food and drink containers when you bring a new puppy, you can use your ceramic soup bowl for a while.

4. Chew Toy

The chew toy is also one of what to buy for new puppy. Puppies need to chew when they start teething. For that, buy your puppy chew toy to help its teeth grow. This is also useful to make sure your puppy does not bite your furniture or your new shoes.

Moreover, many toys specifically for puppies and are made of a softer material than toys for adult dogs. It’s best to avoid plush toys like dolls because they can be torn easily when a puppy bites. In addition, the contents inside can make your puppy choke.

5. Grooming Tools

To have a pet, you certainly must maintain and care for the cleanliness of these animals. For that, you need to buy grooming equipment so you can clean it yourself at home. Grooming equipment is a comb and nail clippers for your puppy.

Getting used to grooming since childhood will reduce the tendency to rebel when grooming in adulthood later. If you plan to bathe your puppy at home, buy a shampoo specifically for puppies. Normal dog shampoo or human shampoo can contain chemicals that are not good for puppy development.

The five things what to buy for new puppy. Having a puppy as a pet is a good and right choice. For that, you must be serious and responsible while maintaining it. In addition to the above, you can also provide vaccines and give them identities such as necklaces, or collars and leashes.

how to buy bitcoin with paypal

How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal That You Should Know

Do you want to try a new modern investment in the long term investment bitcoin? Before you decided to buy bitcoin, it will be better if you read about the bitcoin guide. This kind of investment will allow you to get a high demand but also high risk. But did you know how to buy bitcoin with PayPal can be easier than another way?

It is not the era where you put all of your money in your pocket without doing anything with that. It will be much better when you can invest it and get more money. In early 2020, Virwox suddenly shutting down the PayPal deposit for bitcoin and it makes people confused. But you don’t need to be worried because there are still available two ways how to buy bitcoin with PayPal. Here we go!

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal Through eToro

if you searching for the easiest way to buy bitcoin with PayPal, then you should try this way. The first thing you should do is visit the eToro website and then create an account there. However, this website will not let you draw your bitcoin or send it to someone else outside there. You can only buy bitcoin and trade it into the right currency like dollars or euros.

I don’t understand why but this website will give you to speculate Bitcoin’s price rather than the actual one. If you want to store your wealth on bitcoin, then this website is a bad way to go. This way matches with you who just seek for the profit and did not need about the actual bitcoins. You can easily buy bitcoin and then trade it into real currency when the price is in a higher position.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal through LocalBitcoins

Another way you can do if you want to buy bitcoins with PayPal is using one trusted application, LocalBitcoins. This application is different from the eToro because this place is where the trader meets with the buyer. In other words, this application is just like the online market only for bitcoin. Above all, make sure you put attention to every seller because they can be cheated on you. In this place, you can sell or buy bitcoin faster than somewhere else because you meet the seller directly.

The advantages of using this way are you can meet many sellers from all around the world. But you should be smart to get more profit from them and negotiate well. If you put off your guard in a little time, you can easily lose all your money. Besides, this application also gives the seller some premium charge so it will get less profit. If you are a newbie in the bitcoin world, it will be better if you did not use this way. Be careful while choosing the right seller!.

So these are two different ways on how to buy bitcoin with PayPal that still available. Bitcoin can be the right event to get more profit if you did not want to do other efforts. The upside and down of the currency will also influence the bitcoin’s price. That’s why you should put attention to the currency to avoid loss.

gift ideas for newborn baby

5 Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby You Can Steal

Hearing friends or relatives who had just given birth, would be very encouraging.  To appreciate and welcome his birth, we must look and congratulate him.  With our arrival, it will certainly make us happy for those who have just given birth.  Moreover, if we come with gifts for newborns.  But sometimes, we are confused about choosing the right gift.  Here are 5 of gift ideas for newborn baby, namely :

1. Baby Carrier

A variety of baby carriers are available on the market.  There is a long cloth for newborns.  There is also for ages 1 year and above, in the form of a sling like a kangaroo.  Of course, with funny and interesting motives.

Because babies are relatively large quickly, it is better to give gift ideas for newborn babies, which are devoted to babies 6 months and over.  So, that the prize money given has a long period of time.  In addition, The baby’s parents have prepared sling for a newborn. Then it is better to give a gift for a rather large baby age, for example 6 months and above.

2. Feeding Set

The next from this lift of gift ideas for newborn baby is a feeding set. Although newborns baby cannot eat.  But the gifts we give in the form of feeding sets can make parents happy and can be useful when the baby is ready to eat.  Thus, the gifts we give can last a long time in storage, until the baby is ready to eat.

3. Pernel

Another one for gift ideas for newborn baby is to give him a switch.  Pernel is useful for changing baby diapers or for helping babies.  Even though the baby’s parents have prepared gear, they often suffer from deficiencies.  This is because the intensity of the baby is wet more often.  So the clothes and sheets are often wet.

Therefore, giving gear is the right idea.  Motifs and colors can adjust to the sex of the baby.  Thus, parents of the baby will feel happy, because the need for gear can be fulfilled.  Pernel is indeed a basic need for newborns. Even though the baby’s parents have prepared it, it often lacks.

4. Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller is quite expensive.  Usually to anticipate expensive prices, can make joint ventures with colleagues or other friends.  Some or a group of people used to join joint ventures when they heard that their friend had given birth.  The joint venture will feel lighter, can also buy items that are slightly more expensive.

Many varieties and types of baby stroller as an option.  In fact, some of which can be used when the baby is 2 months to 1-year-old.  Thus, the use is longer.

5.   Cute Baby Clothes

The next gift reference is cute baby clothes.  Many choices of baby clothes with adorable motifs and characters.  Babies will certainly be cuter when using it. The colors and patterns can adjust to the sex of the baby.  A wise choice, if you choose cute baby clothes as a gift. Cute baby clothes can make a baby look cuter, is also one of the basic needs of the baby.

Those are some good gift ideas for newborn baby when visit friends or relatives who have just given birth.  For those of you who are currently feeling confused.  The explanation can be a reference as gift ideas for newborn babies

tips for window shopping

5 Tips For Window Shopping That Easy To Do

Window shopping is an activity of traveling to shops without the intention to buy. This activity is very cheap to do because you don’t need to spend money at all. But sometimes, people fail to do windows shopping and it is always tempting to buy the item. Therefore, here are some tips for window shopping that are easy for you to do.

1. Find the Right Place for Window Shopping

The thing you need to do when you want window shopping is to find the right place. Look for a place that has several stores. The goal is that you can maximize the time if you feel the items in the store are not suitable you can go directly to other stores.

Some of the right places for window shopping are shopping centers, markets or shopping areas. Don’t forget to remember what your main purpose for window shopping is. That way you can also immediately find the right place for you to go.

2. Enjoy Your Time

The next from the list of tips for window shopping is to enjoy your time. Because this activity is a relaxing activity, you don’t need to rush to do it. By enjoying your time when paying attention to the items in the shop, you will be more focused.

Compare if you are in a hurry, you can be sure you will not focus on the objects you want to see. In addition, you will feel tired more quickly and it will disturb your concentration.

3. Bring Note

The next window shopping tips is to bring notes. This entry is indeed a simple but very important role for those of you who want to do window shopping. People who do window shopping must have a purpose for why he wants to do it. And this note will be very useful for you in the future.

Therefore it is important to take notes so that you can write important things in the notes. That way you can see important things that you’ve seen or observed while doing window shopping. So you can make it an important note when going to do the next window shopping.

4. Make Yourself Comfortable

Making Yourself Comfortable is one of the tips for window shopping. The reason is that if you are comfortable doing these activities, the results will be more leverage. The way to make you comfortable when doing window shopping activities is to ensure the weather that day.

Of course, if the weather does not support that day, you will find it difficult to go outside the house. The second is to wear comfortable clothes. Do not let you wear thin and open clothing when the weather is cold.

5. Don’t Bring Money

The last tips for window shopping are to don’t bring money. The purpose of people doing window shopping is to look at goods without buying it. Therefore, you don’t need to bring money to do this activity. If you bring money, you might be interested in buying the item.

This can make you buy objects or items outside of your destination. So that your expenses will be even greater and you can just buy things that are not needed.

Those are some tips for window shopping that you can do. This activity is actually very positive because you can make careful planning before shopping. However, sometimes the desire to buy goods will usually arise so you have to get around this.

Why you should optimize discount

Why You Should Optimize Discount In Your Business

In business, there are many ways for a brand to attract buyers to come and buy their products. One of the most effective ways in business to attract people is by optimizing discounts. Well, who doesn’t like the word discount and what they offer? It is sure that when people hear the word discount they will get attracted and at least try to see what is offered. Then, if they seem interesting they may buy it which will add income and sales for you. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why you should optimize discount in your business. 

Why you should optimize discount

However, applying a discount is not just cutting the price into becoming a cheaper price only. There are some aspects that you must consider when you are proposing for a discount. Make sure that you have counted the price and margins of your product and is it possible or not. When you have considered these aspects and you still have a positive value, then it is important to make some discounts. Here are some of the top reasons why you should optimize discount in your business:

1. Attract New or Old Customers

It is no secret that people prefer buying products that are in the sale or for a discount. Therefore, whether they are a loyal or old customer they will come when they hear the word sale or discount. To make more people come in a certain time, give a time limit on your discount program. By giving a certain time, people will more likely to rush to the store and see what is offered. 

2. Increase Sales for Other Products

One of the reasons why you should optimize discount is because it can help increase sales on other products. By attracting people into your store to see the discount, they may look at other products. Therefore, this adds the possibility of increasing the sales for other items that are not on discount. Or you can also make a discount program by making bundle offers. This can also help increase your sales quickly and give more margins. 

3. Free up Some Space

Holding a discount can help businesses clean up their storage and space without spending too much. Some business has a certain durability age for their products, if not they will be scrapped. This will cause write off costs that will be more expensive. Therefore, optimizing discounts can help get the old products out in a cheaper way. 

4. Business Reputation

Anyone that receives a certain discount or promo usually feels happier and positive. Especially if the product they have received is qualified and meets their expectation. They may come back and see your products even though there is no discount. This way your business reputation will sure increase and become better in the customer’s view 

5. Achieve Sales Target

Optimizing discounts will sure help a business increase and achieve its sales target at a certain time. With a discount period, the number of sales will usually increase compared to normal days. Therefore, make sure to always plan and prepare a discount program to help increase the sale.

By knowing these advantages, you know why you should optimize discount in your business. There are also steps on how to apply these discounts so that your business keeps positive. So, don’t forget to recalculate your targets and see whether you need a discount or not. 

Slot Machine Strategy

Regardless of what club game you play you will always lose a hundred percent of the time. Rather than attempting to win constantly you ought to have a methodology for how to be fruitful at playing gambling club games. There are a few techniques out there, yet they don’t all work a similar way. Truth be told you may discover methodologies that don’t support you, however have been structured dependent on bogus suspicions.

In Slot Machine Strategy we are attempting to prevent you from committing errors. At most you could win 98 percent of the cash you wager. It just relies upon how you choose to play.

An educated individual will have more accomplishment on a slot machine than one who just plunks down and plays. By knowing the principles of a specific slot machine you gain admittance to data you would ordinarily not have. For instance you can discover what rewards the game offers, the maximum big stake, what you need to do to win the maximum bonanza and considerably more. You can even realize what the various images mean.

Have you at any point played a slot machine and marvel why you didn’t get a payout, despite the fact that it appeared equivalent to previously? These will coordinate images in an assortment of styles relying upon the slot machine reels. You could believe that a slot machine ought to payout on the grounds that the images coordinated, yet imagine a scenario in which you didn’t play the entirety of the paylines.

There are little deceives, for example, playing just ten paylines when there are 20 that will make you miss out on cash. There are likewise useful images that could offer you a superior payout.

I once stood looking as a more established ladies wager max on a slot machine. She continued trusting that the machine will end the payout, so she could get moving once more. The truth of the matter is she won the bonanza on that machine, however didn’t get why. Once in a while simply realizing the subtleties makes it somewhat more enjoyment.

So information is power for this situation. There are different interesting points, for example, the amount you are eager to wager in the machine. You would prefer not to place you whole bankroll in the machine. In the event that you just need to lose 40 percent of the cash you carried with you then you ought to enter that sum in the slot online machine. In the event that you win extraordinary, stop when you arrive at 60 percent in rewards, yet in the event that you lose you can proceed onward to an alternate arrangement of machines and play another level of the bankroll you brought.

Having these alternatives and being in charge is the best system you can use on a round of possibility. You don’t need the betting fever to take over on the grounds that you put all your bankroll in one machine and you continue revealing to yourself one more turn, only one more turn and I’ll get everything back.

Tips when buying fruits and vegetables

Smart Tips When Buying Fruits And Vegetables

It is known that fruits and vegetables have a lot of benefits for our health. So, consume a fresh good quality product is a must. But, buying those two can be tricky. The shopper needs to know tips when buying fruits and vegetables to avoid buying defect produce.

Tips when buying fruits and vegetables

Moreover, smart shopping can save you a lot of money. As we all know, fruits and vegetables can be too expensive for some reason. Whether because of the delivery, packing process, or even the season. Please find below tips for your exiting produce shopping:

1. Buy on Season Fruits and Vegetables

Tips number one is to buy on season produce. A shopper can save a lot of money because on season produce is cheaper. Since the market is flooded with on season produce the price will be reasonable. We know that sometimes you want some blueberries during winter, but it will cost you more because of delivery from Kenya.

2. Experience The Perks of Farmers Market

Farmers Market is dazzling with the color of the produce. You can see red rip on the tree apples, sparkling tomatoes, and also fresh green broccoli. By visiting the farmers market, you get a chance to engage with locals. Besides, you’re supporting the neighborhood by shopping there. It is something that you cannot do in a grocery store or supermarket.

3. Try Frozen Fruits for your Busy Day

Frozen fruits are actually live savers during a healthy busy day. You can turn your frozen fruits to smoothies or toss them on your overnight oat. Simple, fast, and absolutely fresh. Besides, frozen fruits sometimes cheaper so it can save you more money.

4. Choose Bright Color Fruits and Vegetables

This is the easiest way to get good quality produce is by identifying the color. For example, fresh tomatoes will be colored in full red, not much mix with other colors. Besides, the texture should be elastic and when you press it, it left no fingerprint. As so chili, cucumber, and eggplant. Just do the same way.

5. Stay on Budget and List

As we all know that people usually lost control when they find something cheaper than they expected. Just like fruits and vegetables. On season produce or sometimes sale but still, good produce can be cheaper.

You tend to buy it even though you don’t really need it. Therefore, better to make a list and stick to it. By doing this you will not fill your fridge with vegetables you don’t even know what to do with. Simply set your priority and only buy products that you and your family like and need.

6. Don’t Even Think to Stock

Stocking is tempting. You think your week is safe because you have tons of produce in your fridge but you don’t. Remember that produce is something easily off. So, other tips when buying fruits and vegetables is buy in a small portion. You can buy another when produce in your fridge is almost empty.

Be a smart shopper when you shop for fruit or vegetables. By knowing the above tips when buying fruits and vegetables, you can avoid over-shopping or stocking.

tips for overseas shopping

5 Top Tips For Overseas Shopping That Will Save You Money

Shopping overseas has always been an interesting thing for you to do. Especially if you find a variety of products that are not sold in your own country. However, you need to apply a few tips for overseas shopping so you can shop effectively and safely.

tips for overseas shopping

This is because shopping overseas is certainly different than when you shop in your own country. Therefore, you better know a few tips when you shop overseas to avoid you from various problems. Here are the tips for overseas shopping you should know:

1. Don’t Use a Debit Card

Using a debit card will indeed make your shopping transactions easy and practical. But this is not recommended for you to do when shopping overseas. Transactions that you make using a debit card are very risky for the security of your bank account.

Various crimes are very likely to occur, for example, skimming. Besides, the value of currency conversions also might make you lose.

2. Use Credit Cards Wisely

Using a credit card to transact is indeed more profitable. This is because you can take advantage of various promo and rewards facilities. So, the items you buy using a credit card can be cheaper.

Also, transactions using a credit card will be much easier and more practical. However, you must use credit cards wisely when shopping overseas. You still have to make a list of items to buy, so you know when you stop shopping.

3. Find Out the Normal Price of the Items You Will Buy

It is always important to find out the normal prices for the various items you want to buy. You can also find out where the markets are selling the items at the best prices.

Then, you can save more money while shopping. By knowing the normal price, you can bid at the appropriate price. You will not feel cheated because the seller may offer a high price.

4. Save Your Shopping Bills

Don’t forget to always save your shopping bill while you are abroad. Because you will need it for the tax return process when you are at the airport. Or, even when you need to exchange the items that you buy.

Collect and always save each of your shopping bills properly in the same place. This is to make it easier for you to find it. Moreover, the shopping bills can also be proof if it turns out to be incompatible with the bills on the credit card.

5. Bring Extra Bags

For those of you who like shopping, this is one of the tips for overseas shopping that is important for you to do. If you think you will bring a lot of items that you buy, bring one medium to large extra bag to accommodate it.

You can also bring one small suitcase so that you can carry all of your stuff safely. Especially if you will buy a lot of liquid items. Bringing extra bags can also prevent you from paying for extra bags.

You can apply several tips for overseas shopping which is easy for you to do. Moreover, you also need to plan well, so that your finances are not messy because you shop a lot. So, make sure you plan your trip and shopping activities carefully from the start.

Famous shopping destinations from around the world

Top Famous Shopping Destinations From Around The World You Should Visit

If you just travel not only for a new experience but also for good stuff, then you must like shopping. There are a lot of shopping destinations that you will find. However, there is still the famous shopping destinations from around the world as follow.

Famous shopping destinations from around the world

1. Paris, France

This city is not only well-known for its romantic view but also its shopping destinations. Plus, You can find lots of shopping centers here and famous brands from all over the world. Paris as the city of light has the extravagant department stores lighting up Boulevard Haussmann.

In the boulevard, you can shop for anything that you like. You have to prepare lots of cash or your credit card. Here, you can get a bag, shoes, clothes and many others. Moreover, this place is where all of your travel money goes.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Another shopping destination that you should visit is Instanbul, Turkey. Instanbul is quite different from Paris. The price of every good here is not as expensive as in Paris. You won’t find many well-known brands in the world.

The bustling bazaar is the best place for shopping if you are in Istanbul. You can find many unique-stuffs that you won’t get in other countries at affordable prices. This won’t take all of your travel budgets.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo must be on your list if you choose Japan as your destination for traveling. It’s because this city is the icon of Japan itself. Moreover, if you like anime and the fans of Japanese fashion, then you should come here.

In Tokyo, you will find a lot of stuff which is good for your fashion. Moreover, if you are obsessed with Harajuku then you will find kitschy statement pieces and fantastical clothing here. It’s no wonder why Tokyo becomes one of the famous shopping destinations from around the world.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Are you going to travel to Southeast Asia? If it yes, then Kuala Lumpur should be on your next list. This is the capital city of Malaysia and the city where you will find many tourists. However, if you want to shop here, please come around July and August.

You will find a big sale boasting 70% discounts which are pretty good for your pocket. It’s because Malaysia holds a Mega Sale Carnival around July and August. Furthermore, shopping here at this time won’t let you down.

London, England

Most people want to visit this city because of its history and its department stores. London has a lot of things to explore. You will not only find some historical places here but also some famous stores along the road. Therefore, you must bring a lot of money if you want to shop here.

If you are the fans of Hermes, Channel, UNIQLO, then London street will spoil your eyes. You can go shopping along Oxford Street and take a ride to Boxpark for more shopping.

The top five famous shopping destinations from around the world won’t let you down. Furthermore, you can get something that you won’t be available in other countries.